On the Subject of Brainworks

Brainworks is Client-Centred

First and foremost, we, as rehabilitation professionals, are passionate about what we do, about those we serve and the many programs and services we have developed to help individuals with brain injury and other serious conditions. We are humbled by the trust bestowed upon us in service to our clients and the community.

We’ve had an amazing journey. Over the course of this wonderful journey, we’ve seen many triumphs, and continue to be inspired by the determination of our clients. Together, working with them, we will continue to make miracles happen.

Please enjoy this short video where you can find out more about Brainworks!

About This Site

This site represents us, and how we serve you.

You will find detailed information about the many services we provide, the standards we use, the guidelines we abide by, how we stay current with the latest clinical advances, and about how we participate in and give back to the community.

The site was created with you, our colleagues and clients in mind. You are why we are here.


Our service sensibilities are heavily inspired by our beliefs, our desire to serve, and our sense of connection to help others. We are passionate and caring. And we are constantly pursuing clinical excellence. If that is what you’re looking for, then you’ve found the right place – with the right people.

Brainworks Professionalism


Professionalism is predominantly an attitude, not a set of competencies. Our rehabilitation professionals care about and respect their clients, as well as the important responsibility they have undertaken.

At Brainworks we lead by example, which means challenging ourselves and empowering others to do great things. We are humbled by our successes and committed to excellence in rehabilitation service delivery.

Brainworks Passion


We love what we do. We are driven by purpose, by desire, by our beliefs to provide the very best service, with clinical excellence.

Our clients are our inspiration: We are here to help with achieving goals and dreams, and to provide motivation and encouragement for the journey.

Brainworks Integrity


We will always give solid, honest advice and a commitment to deliver the most beneficial services to meet our clients’ needs. For us, honesty is the only policy.

At Brainworks, we provide many innovative services and programs to address a range of issues and needs. If ever we cannot meet a client’s unique set of needs, we will collaborate with those specialists who can.

Brainworks' Attention to Details

Attention to Detail

At Brainworks each detail in the rehabilitation process is vigilantly attended to, and each step is given complete and careful attention. The end result inevitably is of the highest quality and clinically excellent.

For us, the smallest detail can make the difference between success and failure. We keep that foremost in our minds in our work with every client.