June is Brain Injury Awareness Month.
We at Brainworks try each year to do something special in the month of June to raise awareness and do our part to prevent acquired brain injuries.
This year is no exception!

Brainworks will be giving out hundreds and hundreds of kit kat bars all over Canada! Our brain injury awareness/prevention “KIT” (a specially wrapped KIT KAT bar) will be distributed to schools, hospitals, community partners and colleagues to make sure the word gets out.

Our “KIT KAT Knowledge. Awareness, Take Good Care” awareness and prevention campaign’s aim is not only to reach community partners but kids and youth too. As we experience nicer weather, school vacation and lots of lively activities, we want to remind kids, youth and adults alike to do their part to prevent an injury.

Everyone is encouraged to submit photos of themselves either with their Brain Injury Awareness “KIT” or playing safe to:#BrainInjuryAwarenessMonth @BrainworksRehab