Every once in a while there is a moment that defies words. Alas, we need to use words to describe such a moment: a student’s enthusiasm and interest with Casey, Brainworks’ Hope Therapy Mascot.

This student’s teacher wrote us a letter describing an ‘aha’ moment. Awesome!! Check out the letter below.

Dear Arden,

Thank you so much for donating a copy of ‘Casey’s Journey of Hope’ book and caterpillar toy to our school back in December. It was given to a student that has begun to demonstrate knowledge of his expressive and receptive language skills in new ways.

As you know, I work with developmentally disabled students who have great difficulty with every area of the curriculum. Last May I did a big unit with the kids on caterpillars and butterflies and ‘Casey’s Journey of Hope’ book and toy was central to that unit. In my class it’s difficult to know what students are comprehending because they can demonstrate so very little…..That being said, we read and enjoyed Casey fully last May.

This fall, one of our little guys in grade 4 received an ipad ‘talker’, and guess what he came into my room requesting? Casey! He spelled it out on the ipad and everything. I didn’t know what he wanted….first thought he was looking for another student or staff member, but no….he came in, rummaged through my room and found the Brainworks bag with Casey in it. Then he put on his talker, ‘Casey’……spelled right and everything!! I hadn’t thought about it since last May, but he knew exactly what he wanted, and was able to express it to us! Fabulous! It was one of those really cool ‘aha’ moments.

He had a great surprise when he opened his ‘santa’ gift this year and found Casey’s Journey of Hope book and toy that you donated specifically for him. There was a ‘squeal of delight’ when he opened the box….I’m sure the book and toy will be well used!

Thank you so much for supporting our program, caring for kids of all ages, and so freely donating the book and toy for our young student. It is so appreciated!