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Brain Injury: Definition

By | June 1st, 2015|Brain Injury 101, Brainworks Blog|

Brain injury: An injury to the brain which results in deterioration in cognitive, physical, emotional or independent functioning. A brain injury can occur as a result of trauma, hypoxia, infection, tumour, substance abuse, degenerative neurological diseases or stroke.

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Transforming Power of Hope

By | November 9th, 2014|Brainworks Blog|

We can lose an awful lot and still survive - our friendships, our careers, our independence. In fact, we can lose a lot and thrive! But there is one thing we cannot live without, and that is hope. In several key areas of life, having hope directly relates to success. At Brainworks, we set out to answer the questions: Could a hopeful mindset improve recovery from circumstances as devastating as a serious personal injury? Could [...]

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Spreading Hope Across The Province

By | June 16th, 2014|Brainworks Blog|

In honour of brain injury awareness month a number of Brainworks staff traveled across the province spreading hope. We donated dozens and dozens of copies of Casey's Journey of Hope, a book we published as part of our hopetherapy™ platform. We visited charities, schools, hospitals, colleagues, friends, family and more. Check out the photos and the list of people and places we visited. What a wonderful time we all had!! Where did we go? Who [...]

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