Brainworks’ eRehabilitation™ Services: eRehabilitation™ is a comprehensive treatment platform that uses interactive audio, video, or data communications to provide rehabilitation services at a distance.


Brainworks offers services to individuals and families living with the effects of brain injury, chronic pain, orthopaedic injuries, developmental disabilities, dual diagnoses, behavioural and psychiatric disorders. We are now able to provide online services, through our eRehabilitation™ platform to complement our traditional face-to-face services by using cutting-edge technology, through several multimedia channels (e.g., text, graphical, audio, and video). Brainworks’ eRehabilitation™ services were created to increase affordability and accessibility while at the same time maintaining the high standards and the guidelines we abide by.

The option of having both traditional face-to-face and online therapies available clearly benefits both the professional and client alike. When needed, clients and professionals can and do meet in person for the face-to-face sessions. Where appropriate, components of treatment and therapy can and does get completed by utilizing the eRehabilitation™ platform. It is literally the best of both worlds. At Brainworks not only do we shape our rehabilitation services and programs to be client-centred, we strive to be clinically excellent in all that we do. By integrating today’s technologies with long standing, evidence-based face-to-face practices we are able to maximize the excellence and efficacy of treatment delivery.

Brainworks’ eRehabilitation™ services can be provided as a separate service or as a concurrent component to our existing, highly successful services and programs.

At Brainworks you get the best of both worlds