Psychology interventions in rehabilitation have traditionally focused on reducing the impact of barriers (i.e. cognitive impairment, chronic pain and depression) on the rehabilitation process. Barrier reduction is effective in enhancing emotional adjustment and functional activities and abilities of daily living. However, this approach focuses on deficits and is reactionary once potential barriers are identified.

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There is growing evidence in the literature for taking a proactive approach. Facilitating positive outcomes by focusing on strengths and fostering positive psychological health has great benefit. Dr. Martin Seligman, described as the father of the Positive Psychology movement, noted the importance of identifying, amplifying, and concentrating on people’s positive human traits which aim to both alleviate deficits and increase well-being. Researchers at this cutting-edge of service delivery have shown us that building on an individual’s strengths and facilitating positive coping mechanisms at the outset of rehabilitation result in better outcomes than reacting to problems after they arise.

There are a number of positive psychological variables (i.e. courage, faith and honesty) termed facilitators that can play an important role in facilitation of good outcome from rehabilitation. The research points toward hope as being the core element among these facilitators.

Making Hope Happen

We know the importance of hope – but can it be taught or enhanced? Yes!! The repertoire of hope interventions is rapidly growing. Research has demonstrated that hope can be fostered by using specific strategies. Professionals are in a strategic position to make a difference in clients’ hope and clients’ lives. At Brainworks we are applying hope theory. By drawing upon this pioneering research, we have assembled a number of tools, strategies and instructional materials into a comprehensive therapeutic platform we call hopetherapy®. We are extremely excited to be able to offer this service!!

We created this video to celebrate our hope for and commitment to our clients. Enjoy 🙂