The Transforming Power of Hope

by Arden McGregor

We can lose an awful lot and still survive – our friendships, our careers, our independence. In fact, we can lose a lot and thrive! But there is one thing we cannot live without, and that is hope. In several key areas of life, having hope directly relates to success.

At Brainworks, we set out to answer the questions: Could a hopeful mindset improve recovery from circumstances as devastating as a serious personal injury? Could hope be learned? Could improving hopeful thinking facilitate a more substantial recovery? The answer to all of these questions, we discovered from groundbreaking research and backed up by our own years of therapeutic experiences, is a resounding YES! Armed with that knowledge, and with great excitement, we set about creating a series of inspirational therapy tools all designed around that very principle – and we called it hopetherapy®.

Hope is one of the most vital emotions we can experience, and this is particularly true in rehabilitation. Hope inspires; it excites; it motivates. And, it certainly has a role in determining rehab outcome. Hope can make all the difference between taking and not taking that next step forward. It empowers and energizes us to face the barriers that stand in our way and topple them, one by one by one.

Traditional rehab spends a lot of necessary energy working through problems, barriers, grief, trauma, and loss. This is important and cannot be neglected! But it is important to remember that you can only focus on problems for so long before becoming mired in them. hopetherapy® is about restoring a balanced outlook. It’s an invitation to move rehab beyond grieving losses and restoring function. It’s a reminder that there is life after rehab, and that “hoping skills” can transform “survivors” into “thrivers”.

We’ve experienced the many positive effects that hope has on rehab. We’ve seen the milestones that come with an inspired, motivated thought process. And we’ve seen the reactions on the faces of those who have believed, tried, and succeeded.

Our motivation is that hopetherapy® will inspire you, and become a catalyst for achieving success, no matter how steep the initial climb.

We created this video to celebrate our hope for and commitment to our clients. Enjoy 🙂