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A Psychoeducational Assessment is an evaluation of a child through a series of standardized testing, interviews, questionnaires, and observation. The goal of the assessment is to answer questions about a child’s intellectual, academic, social, and/or emotional functioning. Upon completion, there will be a better understanding of a child’s areas of strengths, weakness, and learning needs.

At Brainworks, psychoeducational assessments are conducted with children and adolescents. These assessments are conducted by a Registered Psychotherapist under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist.

The assessment typically involves 2-3 visits to our office for an interview, assessment, and feedback sessions. Generally, questionnaires are sent to teachers and parents to capture their observations of the child or adolescent’s function. When appropriate, questionnaires are also completed by the child or adolescent themselves, and observation of the child is conducted in home or in school. The results of the assessment include a description of the child’s current level of functioning in the areas assessed as well as recommendations and, if necessary, referrals for further services. This assessment can help when developing or modifying a child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP), in addition to informing academic programming. Feedback is provided both in a face-to-face meeting and in the form of a written report.

Brainworks will work with each client to determine the appropriate assessments required for their specific needs. Employee benefits or extended heath care plans may provide partial or full coverage for the services provided; please check with your provider to determine what they may require (e.g., a physician’s referral).

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