Working from a behavioural/cognitive behavioural perspective, our psychological services are practical, time-limited and solution-focused. We target skill and strategy development, and empower our clients to minimize disability.

We offer counseling as well as innovative rehabilitation programming to address concerns such as brain injury, chronic pain, stress, anger, deficient social skills, and other behavioural and psychiatric issues. We also provide the psychological counseling and practical support required to facilitate a timely return to activities of normal living and work.

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Brainworks' Client-Centred Services

All Brainworks' services are client-centred. We implement all of our services to the highest standards.
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Psychology provided via eRehabilitation

While Brainworks’ highly sought after psychologists continue to be available in person throughout much of Southwestern and Central Ontario, now, through cutting-edge, web-based technology, our psychological services also available wherever there is high-speed Internet. Clients meet with their therapist online, from the comfort of their own homes, via a secure video-link.

eRehabilitation Features


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Directed Treatment

In all cases, a member of the College of Psychologists clinically directs treatment programming. However, when required and requested, specially trained rehabilitation therapists are sometimes utilized for those clients that are aware of psychological strategies, but do not demonstrate the ability to apply them independently. In this case, the client receives hands–on, direct instruction and support from the rehabilitation therapist in order to functionally integrate the psychological strategies into their day-to-day life.

When we use rehabilitation therapists, they serve as an adjunct, not an alternative to the psychologist. Therefore, the accountability to ensure professional, competent and ethical care is maintained while costs are contained. Many clients find this “real-life” approach more relevant than the traditional “office-based” approach.

For more information about our psychological services, or to request information about other services we provide, please contact:

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