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Brainworks’ psychovocational assessments represent a key intersection between our psychological and vocational services. Using the skills, knowledge and experience of our psychological service providers and our vocational consultants, Brainworks is able to provide assessments that are individualized. The assessments are designed to determine the range of practical and realistic options available for each client’s unique set of strengths and challenges, in order to minimize disability and realize ability.

Brainworks staff prides itself on providing innovative rehabilitation programming to address concerns such as chronic pain, stress, anger, deficient social skills and other behavioural issues. The addition of psychovocational assessments allows us to broaden the domains in which we can provide support to individuals with these and other challenges.

Psychovocational assessments take into consideration the cognitive and educational aptitudes of the client, the vocational interests of clients, the personality factors that influence the type of job in which a particular client would likely be successful, and the unique circumstances presented for those who experience chronic pain, brain injuries, or other physical or behavioural concerns.

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