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The Brains behind Rehab Therapy

Not all rehabilitation therapists are created equal. At Brainworks, our highly skilled Rehabilitation Therapists set the bar for professionals in the field. With their vast and diverse rehab knowledge, training and experience, they provide one-on-one therapeutic intervention and support to clients of all ages:

  • In thoughtful integration of treatment protocols of other treatment team members to the highest standards
  • In relevant, meaningful rehabilitation projects and exercises focused on the client’s individual needs
  • In facilitating independence, helping to maximize each person’s potential
  • In services delivered in a caring, compassionate, and sensitive manner

Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS)

Brainworks’ staff are highly skilled. A strong emphasis is placed on CBIS certification. We have several therapists and two trainers who are CBIS-certified, with others moving through the program. At Brainworks, for a therapist to attain the designation of Senior Rehabilitation Therapist, among other qualifications, they must at least be CBIS-certified. Each of our CBIS-certified staff has exceptional knowledge in:

  • The incidence and epidemiology of brain injury
  • The continuum of services in the community
  • The anatomy of the brain and brain-behaviour relationships
  • The functional impact of brain injury
  • Effective treatment approaches
  • Children and adolescents with brain injury
  • Health and medical management
  • Family issues
  • Legal and ethical issues

With Our Clients in Mind

At Brainworks, we highly value, promote and invest in a number of key areas:

  • Clinical Excellence: Our therapists are required to engage in clinical professional development on an ongoing basis to continuously broaden their clinical knowledge, skills and expertise.
  • Quality Control Measures: We ensure the highest standards in our services, not only clinically, but administratively. We know how critical it is to our clients and community partners that all documentation be accurate and up to date.
  • Research and Best Practices: We integrate the latest research and best practices into all of our programs and services.
  • Community Involvement: We are firmly committed to giving back to our community through sponsorships, donations, memberships, and especially in raising awareness and promoting injury prevention.

Brainworks offers the most comprehensive rehabilitation therapy programs and services in the region, delivered by a team of professionals with hundreds of years of combined professional experience. Our organization is dedicated to clinical excellence and service, as we continue to lead the industry.

Brainworks: Your first choice for rehabilitation excellence

For more information about our rehabilitation therapy services, or to request information about other services we provide, please contact:

Huntsville Office
387 Muskoka Road 3 North
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Toll Free: (877) 421-7575 ext. 0
Fax: (705) 787-0698

North Bay Office
432-101 Worthington Street East,
North Bay, ON
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Phone: (705) 492-1715
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