Do you suffer with sleep difficulties due to brain injury, chronic pain, depression or anxiety?

We can help!

Using sound behavioural principles, and empirically supported interventions our Sleep Tight© program is a practical, four-session treatment program, individually delivered by a regulated health professional. It is difficult to overestimate the impact of sleep on recovery and rehabilitation. For those who are having sleep difficulties related to chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, anxiety or depressive symptoms related to an accident or injury, Brainworks’ Sleep Tight© program improves sleep routines in order to increase restful sleep with the end goal being improved cognitive, behavioural, physical and psychosocial functioning.

Sleep Tight© provided via eRehabilitation
While this highly successful program continues to be available in person throughout much of Southwestern and Central Ontario, now, through cutting-edge, web-based technology, Sleep Tight© is also available wherever there is high-speed Internet. Clients meet with their therapist online, from the comfort of their own homes, via a secure video-link.

eRehabilitation Features


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Components of the Sleep Tight© program:

  • An assessment to develop a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan
  • Evidence-based treatment practices that incorporate a cognitive behavioural approach
  • Goal-focused, client-centred and community-based
  • An emphasis on incrementally increasing the duration of restful sleep
  • Focuses on slowly building success by supporting the client in accomplishing incremental goals
  • Four face-to-face treatment sessions: in person or using web-based technology
  • Three health coaching sessions extend the life of the program to ensure that gains are maintained

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