Dr. David Hallman, Ph.D., C.Psych<br />
Clinical Psychologist / Clinical Neuropsychologist
Dr. David Hallman, Ph.D., C.Psych
Clinical Psychologist / Clinical Neuropsychologist
Location: Near North and Northeastern Ontario
Phone: (705) 787 – 7500 ext. 524
Toll Free: (877) 421-7575 ext. 524
Email: [email protected]

Meet David

Dr. David Hallman has over 35 years’ experience providing psychological services and neuropsychological intervention to individuals of all ages with acquired brain injuries, learning disabilities, and other neurological conditions. He spent 24 years in private practice, often travelling to remote locations to consult with patients. Throughout his career, David has been involved in over 5500 evaluations, assessments and consultations. He earned his MA and PhD from Simon Fraser University where he studied neuropsychology, brain research, developmental issues, and behaviourism. He joined Brainworks in 2017 as clinical psychologist / clinical neuropsychologist, specializing in biofeedback, and covers the near north and northeastern Ontario regions.

David believes in achieving a better quality of life through greater understanding, and has helped families understand the neuropsychological profiles of loved ones who have experienced traumatic events. He is driven by the process of determining why challenging behaviours are occurring and guiding clients and their families toward the best care.

David’s Practice Areas

All treatment begins with an assessment. David uses a combination of reliable and valid techniques and tools to complete psychological and general rehabilitation assessments. David takes the information gathered from the assessment and weaves it into a comprehensive and complete picture that guides recommendations and treatment.
David provides assessment and treatment for chronic pain. Additionally, David works closely with a team of professionals to offer Contain Your Pain©, Brainworks’ multidisciplinary pain management coaching program, which helps participants gain control of their pain condition through education, motivation and support.
David offers counselling as well as innovative rehabilitation programming to address cognitive, behavioural, emotional, and psychosocial concerns resulting from serious injuries. He has extensive experience working with issues such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, chronic pain, and brain injury.
In all cases, David, a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, clinically directs treatment programming. However, when required and requested, specially trained rehabilitation therapists are utilized for those clients that would benefit from using psychological strategies, but do not currently demonstrate the ability to apply these types of strategies independently at home and in the community. In this case, the client receives hands-on, direct instruction and support from the rehabilitation therapist in order to functionally integrate the psychological strategies into their day-to-day life. When David uses rehabilitation therapists, they serve as an adjunct, not an alternative to the psychologist.

David’s Bio

David’s work involves careful and meticulous research. He works one-on-one with clients using traditional testing and assessment approaches, as well as the latest computer-based cognitive retraining. His significant experience enables him to quickly determine challenges along with a number of possible remedial approaches.

David believes that a thorough and tailored assessment is key to being able to chart the best course for each client’s recovery. The assessment helps him understand how cognitive dysfunction affects their ability to correctly perceive the world; it reveals the extent of an individual’s gifts and deficits, and how best to access those gifts and compensate for skills that are absent. An assessment gives him a better understanding of what is required to provide a safe, challenging, nurturing, fulfilling and enduring environment for each client.

David’s extensive experience has helped many clients and their families throughout Ontario and across Canada achieve a more productive and rewarding life. He knows that great things can be achieved in even the most seemingly dire circumstances, and has made it his life’s work to help clients reach their greatest potential.