Rob Jagosky, RP<br />
Registered Psychotherapist
Rob Jagosky, RP
Registered Psychotherapist
Location: Huntsville and Near North Region
Phone: (705) 787-7500, ext. 211
Toll Free: (877) 421-7575, ext. 211

Email: [email protected]

Meet Rob

Rob joined Brainworks in 2018 as a Psychotherapist serving Huntsville and surrounding regions. He provides counseling intervention, consultation, and assessment services to clients. Rob brings with him a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Post Graduate Certificate in Addictions Treatment and Prevention, along with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. Rob strives to create a structured, results-orientated environment in which clients discover their strengths, uncover coping strategies and identify a positive worldview.

Rob’s Practice Areas

The psychotherapist will assist the client and family members to develop the skills to cope with the many challenges associated with their disability or medical condition and to make the necessary adjustments to changing circumstances. Information on other community resources will be provided as appropriate.

Rob’s Bio

Rob works collaboratively with clients, in a true therapeutic alliance. He weaves humor, wit, and wisdom into each session to help clients realize that, although their issues are real, that it is okay to laugh in session and that this can aid in healing. In
Rob’s experience, clients often feel surprised when experiencing success, he suspects it is because they often lack confidence in early sessions. This surprise can be very valuable, as Rob can help them reframe their thinking to increase self-confidence.

By acting as their coach, Rob assists clients to develop discrepancy—the contrast between their current “real” self and future “imagined” self—which is self-motivating. Rob’s primary goals as a treating professional are to help the client alleviate symptoms (e.g., anxiety, mood, anger), assume a more rational/logical way of looking at things, develop effective coping strategies and, ultimately, gain mastery of these strategies to better deal with challenges independently.