Barb Hartwick

Barb Hartwick, Dip. TR<br />Rehabilitation Therapist, Team Leader
Barb Hartwick, Dip. TR
Rehabilitation Therapist, Team Leader
Location: Muskoka and area
Phone: (705) 787-7500, ext. 507
Toll Free: 1-877-421-7575 ext. 507

Email: [email protected]


Meet Barb

For Barb Hartwick, coming to Brainworks was a great opportunity to blend her business and creative experience with her background as a recreational therapist. She had earned her Therapeutic Recreation Diploma from Mount Royal College in Calgary and has been with us in our Muskoka office since 2008.

With Barb, it’s all about helping others. She enjoys working with people of all ages, whether it’s through therapy sessions or her many volunteer activities. “I love seeing a client progress in their skill levels and task completion,” she says, “but more than that, I am greatly inspired by their happiness, contentment and feelings of self-worth that come from having taken a new step forward.” It is very important to her to work together with clients to build relationships based on enthusiasm, respect and cooperation.

Barb enjoys learning new things. The more she has learned, the more she has been able to apply to her work. She has developed a variety of skills over the years including fitness coaching in several sports, designing and implementing programs, and resourceful, creative problem-solving abilities. She has also cultivated a special talent in sewing, which she has adapted for therapy sessions with clients as well as implemented in programs for young people, creating an avenue for self-expression and accomplishment.

In striving to be a cooperative team member, Barb’s aim is to be an active listener and effective communicator. Her highest priority is to serve the client by staying on track with the goals of the treatment plan while being flexible enough to handle unexpected bumps in the road.

Barb enjoys providing Brainworks’ client-centred therapeutic services to those living in the communities surrounding our Muskoka office. We are continually expanding our services to clients in an ever-widening area throughout Southwestern and Central Ontario, and Barb has helped us in a number of important ways. “I look forward to the many opportunities the uniqueness of Muskoka offers our clients.”