Andrea Groomes, HBSW, RSW<br />Social Worker
Andrea Groomes, HBSW, RSW
Social Worker
Location: Huntsville and the Near North Region
Phone: (705) 787-7500, ext. 206
Toll Free: (866) 421-7575, ext. 206

Email: [email protected]

Meet Andrea

After being closely linked to Brainworks for many years during student placements and having completed her Bachelor of Social Work degree, Andrea joined Brainworks in 2017 as a Social Worker, providing services to clients in the Huntsville and ‘near north’ region.

In her role as Social Worker, Andrea provides support to individuals living with the effects of trauma, acquired brain injury, and mental health concerns. She has worked with clients of all ages in both group and individual settings. Through her time spent with clients Andrea assists with improving skills needed to more quickly regain self-regulation when they experience difficult emotions (such as anger), improve distress tolerance and emotional control.

Andrea’s Practice Areas

The social worker will assist the client and family members to develop the skills to cope with the many challenges associated with their disability or medical condition and to make the necessary adjustments to changing circumstances. Information on other community resources will be provided as appropriate.
Using sound behavioural principles, and empirically supported interventions our Sleep Tight© program is a practical, four-session treatment program, individually delivered by a regulated health professional.

Andrea’s Bio

Aware of the complexities of trauma and impairment, Andrea is eager to contribute her skills and knowledge to optimize the lives of the clients she serves. Experienced with evidence-based interventions such as cognitive behavioural therapy and biofeedback, Andrea incorporates them into her service delivery.

Under the direction of a clinical Psychologist, Andrea implements specialized, evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (e.g. exposure therapy, challenging predictions about anxiety-inducing situations, etc.), and reduces vulnerabilities to anxiety (e.g. regulating sleep through a structured sleep program). Andrea implements neurofeedback therapy to support mindfulness practice by assisting clients in demonstrating the practical awareness of the thoughts and feelings associated with tension, relaxation as well as thoughts and feelings associated with “mind being full” vs mindfulness.

Ambitious, compassionate and focused, Andrea helps her clients identify goals that are meaningful and purposeful and provides service delivery that is goal based, thorough and precise to the recommendations outlined in treatment plans. Embracing a multi-disciplined approach and as a valued team member, she collaborates with regulated health practitioners to ensure unified programming and to facilitate the carryover of suggested strategies and interventions.