Bryn Milner, BSW, RSW<br />Social Worker
Bryn Milner, BSW, RSW
Social Worker
Location: Huntsville and the Near North Region
Phone: (705) 787-7500, ext. 511
Toll Free: (866) 421-7575, ext. 511

Email: [email protected]

Meet Bryn

Bryn has been a registered Social Worker for over 25 years having completed her Bachelor of Social Work in 1989. She worked for many years within the hospital and community setting providing individualized social work services. With a strong knowledge of local resources and established relationships with community partners, Bryn joined Brainworks in 2017 serving clients in Huntsville and the ‘near north’ region.

When meeting a client, Bryn will often ask: “What do I need to know about you as a person, in order to take care of you in the best way that I can?” This allows the client to take control of the conversation as trust is being built between client and therapist. This also allows Bryn to meet with the client with no agenda in mind. By returning control to the client, Bryn is able to discuss what the client would like to work on and which areas they would like to explore in their recovery.

Bryn’s Practice Areas

The social worker will assist the client and family members to develop the skills to cope with the many challenges associated with their disability or medical condition and to make the necessary adjustments to changing circumstances. Information on other community resources will be provided as appropriate.
Using sound behavioural principles, and empirically supported interventions our Sleep Tight© program is a practical, four-session treatment program, individually delivered by a regulated health professional.

Bryn’s Bio

Creating a safe place and environment for individuals in very important to Bryn. She strives to create a place where clients can express their strong emotions that others often do not want to hear or know what to do with. By creating a safe, non-judgemental space for those she works with, Bryn allows individuals to leave those emotions with her.

Bryn understands that clients have experienced events beyond their control and not of their choice. What has happened to them has impacted everything in their world and sense of self. How their lives are, isn’t how they pictured themselves in their minds. Bryn encourages clients to explore all options available to them and supports them as they discover what works best for them. Bryn often reminds those she works with that there is not one ‘right’ answer or one ‘right’ way; there are many possibilities to choose from when on the journey of recovery.